Where can I purchase this?
Please place your order through our online shop. You can submit your order through a PC or smartphone.
What are the payment methods?
We only accept credit card payment.
Do you deliver the product directly from Japan?
Yes, we will deliver the products directly from Japan.
Is it possible to specify the arrival date of the goods?
We regret that we are unable to specify the arrival date of the shipment.
How long will the goods take to arrive upon purchase?
It will take approximately 7 business days.The delivery may be delayed for certain reasons(inclement weather,etc).In the case even after 20 business days the item does not reach, please contact us to this e-mail:tw@nakakirei.com in reply.
Do I have to pay for any tariffs?
Every country has their laws,please ask your local tax office the detail.
What is a “monthly delivery service”?
Consuming a health food on a daily basis can maintain the condition of your health. We are able to deliver the products once every month so you do not need to order every time. For more information about our valuable and convenient monthly delivery service, please visit here: tw@nakakirei.com
What are the benefits of signing up for a monthly delivery service?
By supporting continued use of the products, the price you pay will become cheaper than usual. In addition, international logistics costs will be waived.
Is it possible to sign up for a monthly delivery service on my first purchase?
Yes, you can. The delivery will be made every month, but you can cancel at any time.
Am I able to cancel the monthly delivery service?
Yes, you can. Every month, we will inform you of the next delivery date. If you wish to cancel this, please contact tw@nakakirei.com at least 10 days before the next delivery date.
Can I pay by credit card for the subscription service?
Yes you can. Every month, we will charge the amount to the credit card number that you provided on your first purchase.
Can I return the goods?
Yes, If the product does not suit you or if you are not satisfied with the product after opening it, you can return the product even after using it. This goods return is only applicable for your first purchase and the return shipping costs should be borne by the buyer and the return request must be submitted within 20 days after the order is delivered. Before returning the goods along with the invoice, please contacting us at the following e-mail address:tw@nakakirei.com
What is the recommended way of consuming the product?
We recommend to take one capsule within 30mins before meal with warm water,then take the other one after meal within 30mins.  It is not very effective over 30mins of each meal.
Enzyme is essential to digest food, so this way is recommended.
If you still do not feel anything change for a few days, please add capsules little by little at a time.
As our product is health supplement, the suitable amount of the enzyme varies on person. And there is no maximum dosage, so please find your own way.
How soon can I feel the effects?
One of our product main effects is reliving constipation problems. It is necessary for a human body to have enzymes for digestion,but enzymes can’t be created by ourselves. Supplements will help us to consume enzymes,take out the accumulated waste and excessive fat in your body.
The effect depends on the individual. Most people will feel the effects within 2 weeks. However, it will take more time for the people who have bad condition of intestine, so we recommend to consume our product continuously.
Is it safe to consume this with medication?
Please consult with your doctor before consuming this.
What happens if I stop taking this?
The amount of enzymes in your body will be reduced. The burden on your body will be increased due to the digestive activities, and there will be an accumulation of undigested waste.
How do I store the product?
Ensure that the lid is closed tightly and store the product in a cool, dry place. Keep away from sunlight.
I did not receive an order confirmation email. Why is it?
If you have a filter function in your email inbox or service provider, there is a possibility that the confirmation email did not reach you. If you have received a notification, please add our email address tw@nakakirei.com to your email reception settings.
If I want to cancel my order, how do I do it?
Please contact us by e-mail at tw@ nakakirei.com. tw@nakakirei.com